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Shawn Michaels opens up about WWE leg slapping ban

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WWE at would have prohibits its wrestlers from slapping the legs during matches. These reports indicate that the company will fine Superstars who slap themselves to sell a move. WWE Hall of Fame Shawn michaels recently shared his thoughts on the matter.

Wrestlers have been slapping the legs for decades to make the movements more impactful. The Heartbreak Kid also used this tactic when performing his signature superkick, Sweet Chin Music. But these days, almost every wrestler uses slaps on the legs / thighs constantly, and WWE President Vince McMahon has would have had had enough.

In an interview with the New York PostShawn Michaels offered his position on the use of slaps in wrestling. He looked back on the reaction he had when he first started using them, and he said he enjoyed the style and athleticism of today’s Superstars.

“Clearly, I’m looking back and I’m like, ‘OK, I did. I just made one. “I’m still fabric. I remember when I started [doing leg slaps], people say to me: “Too fast, too much, too much that”, and there is a balance there. They were right in some ways and at the same time the business is evolving and changing as well. Football is not played the same way. Basketball isn’t played the same way, so I don’t know. I am someone who embraces these changes. I feel somewhere in the middle and balance is so important. I appreciate the style of today. I appreciate the athleticism of today’s artists. Are they perfect? No, but neither do we. “

With the ban on slapping the legs, some movements will not be as effective as they used to be. But Superstars who break the new rule will likely fall victim to a scolding from Vince McMahon himself.

Shawn Michaels on his offscreen role in WWE NXT

DX runs the Black and Gold brand
DX runs the Black and Gold brand

Shawn Michaels is part of the behind-the-scenes team that runs WWE NXT each week. With his best friend Triple H, this group has made the black and gold brand the most fashionable show in the wrestling world for several years. Michaels explained how much being a part of WWE NXT means to him.

“It’s a very big part of my life. I sincerely feel this is my goal. I have a wonderful family that includes the one supporting me in this. I wouldn’t change a thing for nothing.”

The Heartbreak is no doubt passionate about his role in WWE NXT. No matter what happens with the Wednesday Night War every week, the black and gold mark is still going strong.

Posted on March 11, 2021, 06:21 AM


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