Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Shazam brings song recognition to the web alongside a new design on iOS

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If you are wondering which song is playing while you are listening to music on your computer, now you have another way to help you figure out what it is. Shazam added a beta version of its music recognition tool to desktop browsers. For now at least, the feature only works on Safari, Chrome, and Firefox on macOS and Chrome OS – sorry, Windows users. A macOS version of the Shazam app is available since 2014.

Meanwhile, on iOS, Shazam (which Apple owns) has just received a new coat of paint. The redesigned app puts more emphasis on musical discovery. The decluttered home screen gives more visibility to the home button and a vertical swipe will bring you to My Music. Shazam charts are available through the search function. There are also new notifications for missed and offline attempts to recognize songs.


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