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Shigeru Miyamoto opens up about his career at Nintendo and how he wants to ‘make a world for children’

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Shigeru Miyamoto, who is best known for his work in creating beloved series like Mario, The Legend of Zelda and Donkey Kong, was recently interviewed and discussed his career at Nintendo, the way people see him. as a boss, how he wants to “make a nicer world”, and how his children who play SEGA games inspired him to be better. The New Yorker, Miyamoto has touched on many aspects of his life since joining Nintendo at the age of 24 in 1977. When he joined, Nintendo wanted to capture the success Atari was enjoying and hoped to grow into the world of games. video games. Miyamoto and the team rose to the challenge and, in 1981, Donkey Kong was the result.

Since, Miyamoto and Nintendo have sold hundreds of millions of games and hardware and, with the switch currently in the lead, they show no sign of stopping.

My dad works at Nintendo!

He started off by talking about the fact that Nintendo’s headquarters isn’t as extravagant as some might imagine. He explained that the exterior is very “simple and clean” and that some people have “likened the reception to a hospital waiting room.” It’s rather serene ”.

When you walk inside, Miyamoto mentions that while the staff can bring in any toys or figures they want, Nintendo has a system where their designers switch desks depending on the project they’re working on, which means that “people don’t have that many personal belongings around them.”“I think if a kid were to visit and look at the space, it might sound a little boring? The unique creative work takes place within each person,” Miyamoto said. “It doesn’t require a unique looking environment. Obviously we have all the equipment to do our job: motion capture studios, sound studios. And we also have a well-lit cafeteria, with good food. “

After Super Mario Bros. worldwide success, someone told Miyamoto that he had achieved “Walt Disney status”. At the time, Super Mario Bros. had only been out for a few years, while Mickey had been around for over fifty years. For Miyamoto, success is intrinsically linked to “whether or not it is sought after decades after its creation”, so it had “a lot to catch up with.”

He continued to discuss his relationship with his two children and a grandchild, and how his success hasn’t stopped him from being a “normal father.”

“I don’t think my kids care too much about my job, to be honest,” Miyamoto said. “Even with their friends, every once in a while a big fan comes to visit us, but most of the time we got to spend time with family. They certainly never felt any pressure to follow a certain path or to home, I’m a normal dad. I don’t think they felt an undue burden because of who their dad is. “

Miyamoto’s game design philosophy and the way his kids playing SEGA games inspired him to be better

He also tried to give advice to those looking to ensure children maintain a healthy relationship with video games, especially at a time when many are stuck at home during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

“It is important for parents to play the games, to understand why the child cannot stop before reaching the next save point, for example. It is important to note that in our home all the equipment video game game was mine, and the kids figured out that they were borrowing these things. If they couldn’t follow the rules, then it was understood that I could just take the machine away from them. [Laughs.] When the weather is nice outside, I always encourage them to play outside. They also played a lot of SEGA games. “

Regarding SEGA’s comment and if he was jealous that his kids were playing a competitor’s games, Miyamoto simply laughed, saying “not so jealous as inspired to try harder so they preferred those that I made. “

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While Miyamoto still works at Nintendo, and his work mainly focuses on Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan, he believes the company “is moving to a position that will ensure that the spirit of Nintendo is successfully passed on.” This allows her to continue to focus on “discovering the new” and making millions of people around the world smile.

Speaking of smiles, Miyamoto’s only regret in his many years of brightening our world is that he wished he “could provide more joy, more laughter.”

If only there were more who shared this dream.

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