Friday, June 2, 2023

Signal recovers after a one-day service interruption

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It’s unclear how many Signal users have been added in recent days, but Apptopia said to New York Times there were 1.3 million new registrations on January 11 alone. Telegram has also benefited from WhatsApp concerns, having added 25 million new users in just three days.

WhatsApp argued that the exodus was the result of confusion and pointed out that it unable to read messages. However, the damage was already done – many were convinced that WhatsApp would share chats with its parent, Facebook.

The Signal outage and prolonged recovery suggest that demand is still strong. This is certainly an interesting problem for a relatively small service – the company had 20 million active users in December, while WhatsApp had over 2 billion total users last February. The question is whether or not Signal can capitalize on this momentum once the uproar is over.


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