Sunday, February 25, 2024

Snapchat’s friend check reminds you to trim your friends list

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Snapchat introduces a new feature that will remind users to remove unwanted connections from their contact list. The feature, called “friend checking”, will encourage users to prune their friends list in the app with a notification that says “Snapchat is for real friends.”


Clicking on the notification will allow users to go through their Snapchat connections and remove people they no longer want or need to be connected with. The feature won’t roll out for several weeks, but the company is previewing the update to promote Safer Internet day.

This isn’t a new sentiment for Snap, which has long touted itself as a more geared towards close friends rather than a large social graphic. But this is the latest way the company is trying to distance itself from Facebook, which is still grappling with the way features like groups fueled a huge wake of disinformation.


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