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SNL: John Krasinski sang the office theme song while baby Yoda tried to rap to the music of the Mandalorian

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On this weekend’s Saturday Night Live, hosted by former Office John Krasinski, the show had fun watching Nicole Kidman’s song for HBO’s The Undoing by creating a parody ad. a completed music called Now That’s What I Call Theme Songs sung by the stars of the show – and in this setting, Krasinski sang the lyrics “never heard before” to Office Also on deck, SN’s er Kyle Mooney was made to look like Baby Yoda for an attempt at Mandalorian-themed rhymes while other cast members dressed up as TV characters from The Queen’s Gambit, The Crown, Frasier, Sex and the City, and more. Here is Krasinski’s song on The Office …

You can look the complete sketch here.

The Bureau, which would have been Most broadcast TV series in 2020, recently made the jump from Netflix to Peacock, where Peacock unveiled a cold never seen before for the show.

This is just one of the many never-before-seen scenes available to watch on Peacock. Currently, seasons 1 and 2 of The Office are available for free on the streaming service, while Seasons 3-9 are locked behind Peacock’s premium tier.

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The 25 Best Episodes of The Office of All Time


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