Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Some Florida counties are using Eventbrite to schedule COVID-19 vaccines

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However, such systems give rise to certain concerns. Residents who are used to booking tickets to shows through online platforms may find it easier to lock a vaccination time than those who are not. Within a day of the Brevard County Eventbrite system launch, residents had made all appointments for the first shipment of vaccine.

Residents who do not have internet access may find it difficult to claim a vaccine window, possibly leaving vulnerable people at risk, while reports emerged fake Eventbrite accounts billing for appointments. It’s also possible that a gray market for vaccine niches will explode if robots are able to lock in appointments faster than people can, but there’s no evidence that’s happening yet, according to StateScoop.

Although health officials have had months to prepare for the distribution, officials said The edge that opting for an online ticketing system was the easiest way to scale up immunization programs quickly. One in Brevard County said the approach has worked well so far and residents, on the whole, find the approach easy. The Department of Health plans to continue using Eventbrite for its next shipment and hopes its hotline will be back up and running by then.


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