Thursday, October 6, 2022

Sonos’ next portable speaker would cost $ 169

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has shared new details and pictures of the upcoming Sonos speaker, and it seems to address a lot of the complaints people have had with the . It’s called Sonos Roam, and like the Move before it, it will have the ability to play audio over WiFi and Bluetooth connections. But the big reveal is that it would retail for $ 169 when it goes on sale on April 20. It’s probably more than what most people want to spend on a Bluetooth speaker, but it’s a significant cut on the Move’s current. $ 399 price tag. Equally important, it appears to be more portable than this device, measuring 6.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches and weighing around a pound.

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The battery life is said to be in the order of 10 hours with a full charge. The speaker will have a USB-C port to charge it. Additionally, The edge reports that you will be able to purchase a $ 49 wireless charging station for the speaker. We will note here that the Sonos Move comes with one of those included in the box. Roam will also include waterproofing to some extent, however The edge did not have an IP rating to share. And as with all other Sonos speakers, the company will offer it in two colors: white and black.

One thing the leak doesn’t respond to is how the Roam will help Sonos in a difficult market. A new, more affordable portable speaker is a smart addition to the company’s lineup, but it does little to solve its main problem. At Apple, Amazon and Google, the company faces competition from all sides. The , and may not sound as good as the venerable , but they all exceed their prices by $ 100. We will have to wait until to get a better answer to this question.


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