Tuesday, May 30, 2023

SpaceX Releases Clearer Look at Starship SN10 Test Flight

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From the time Starship SN10 took off until a few minutes after landing, things went as planned. Now SpaceX has posted a recap video for the most recent high-altitude test flight, which includes video of the vehicle itself, as well as detailed close-up looks at the rocket engines as they land. You can clearly see the landing legs extending as it descends and as SN10 bounces amid a cloud of smoke upon landing.

What you won’t see is a glimpse of the legs crushed during the impact or the dramatic explosion that followed, similar to the video recap posted. after the SN8 flight test. Elon Musk detailed some of the “multiple” fixes SpaceX has planned for its upcoming flight, and tweeted tonight that SN11 is “almost ready to fly”.

But this video is about the successes of the flight test. As the description on YouTube indicates, “He successfully climbed, transitioned the thruster, and reoriented for an active aerodynamically controlled reentry and descent. The SN10’s Raptor engines re-ignited to perform the maneuver. landing rollover of the vehicle immediately before successfully landing on the landing pad. “


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