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Spiritfarer: three free updates with four new adorable spirits arriving in 2021

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Thunder Lotus Games has released the Spirtfarer development roadmap for 2021, which includes three free updates, four new adorable spirits and much more. a Thunder Lotus blog, the first of three updates is called Lily and will arrive in spring 2021.

This update will bring quality of life improvements and an improved cooperative system with a brand new user interface and cooperative fishing. Stella also gets a bit more story content.“As Stella becomes more familiar with the craft of Spiritfaring, she begins to uncover some of her memories, which begin to bloom as wonderful flowers above her cabin,” the blog read. “These flowers are home to butterflies that perch to form our new spiritual friend: Lily, Stella’s younger sister.”

Lily, who is obviously the new spirit in this update, is the only spirit active during the night. “Just as she had been a brilliant presence in her big sister’s life, here she lights up the night and lets you navigate your boat even when it’s dark.

The Beverly Update, which will be released in the summer of 2021, adds new ship buildings, collectibles, recipes, and quality of life improvements. Beverly is the new spirit and is a former neighbor of Stella. She feels lonely and is happy to finally have someone to talk to about the past.

The new station to be introduced is called the Archives Room and will allow players to inspect the new type of collector’s item known as Acetate Sheets.

The final update for 2021 is called Jackie & Daria Update and will be released in the fall. This update will include a new island to explore, new buildings and boat resources, and a new event.

The new island is home to a dilapidated hospital and two new spirits. The Spirits are an overworked guardian named Jackie and their patient Daria. Stella is happy to lend a hand and help them both.

We called Spiritfarer the best adventure / puzzle game of 2020. In our Spirtfarer review, we said that “is a wonderful mix of an action platformer game and an Animal Crossing style city manager that stands out as one of the most unique and enjoyable games I’ve played. all year.”

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