Friday, June 14, 2024

Spotify flaw allowed people to download bootleg remixes as podcasts

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When most people want to retouch their favorite songs, they usually turn to platforms like SoundCloud and YouTube. The fact that almost anyone could download a track on these services made it possible for songs like ‘Plastic love‘and’Dead to me” to find entirely new audiences thanks to dedicated fans who took the time to polish these songs. You don’t think of a service like Spotify as a place for bootlegs, but for a short while, it was possible to find some of the most popular fan-made remixes on the service. Some nifty people found a workaround that allowed them to upload their favorite remixes to the platform. podcast section. Using terms like “chopped” and “screwed”, it was apparently easy to find these leads.

However, that was before Variety published an article on the phenomenon and Spotify began to take action against them. It’s unclear how long these tracks have been around on Spotify, but what is clear is that the company has cracked down on the practice. Since Variety published their article, Spotify removed all the tracks mentioned in the article, including ‘Dead to me“. Also, when we tried to use the terms highlighted by Variety, we didn’t find any remix in the podcast section. It is possible that another combination of search terms will allow you to find tracks that Spotify missed, but now that the practice has been highlighted, you have to imagine Spotify taking a closer look at people trying to sneak up on the tracks. beyond its content filters.


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