Friday, February 3, 2023

‘STALKER 2’ gameplay teaser features game launch in 2021

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STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl was announced in 2001 and did not ship until 2007 so new STALKER 2 is preparing for a 2021 release in more than ten years after the initial announcement is appropriate. Presumably first-person shooters will once again don their radiation suits to survive Chernobyl while battling mutants, but the clip released today doesn’t give much clue. A Facebook message refers to the player character “Skif” and says “loading” with “PDA 2.0”.

Ukrainian developer GSC Game World posted this trailer on IGN’s YouTube channel, with a note saying it represents “what the game really feels like: a rapid change of scenery, menacing scenery and the ever-present feeling of inevitable danger accompanied by a barely recognizable guitar soundtrack.” The brief clip is presented in 4K and certainly evokes the dark environment of the first game, and says it’s our first look at the engine on the game, as opposed to a longer trailer which appeared this summer.


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