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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic game would be in development without EA and BioWare

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A new Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic The game is said to be in development and it is not being developed by EA and BioWare – the studio behind the original game. VGC, this latest rumor comes from a credited Star Wars insider Bespin Bulletin, who spoke on a recent BOB the podcast episode that this project was in development outside of EA and that “we’ll never guess” who the studio is making this game. “

“Among my digs, I heard that there was a Knights of the Old Republic project in development somewhere,” Bespin Bulletin said. “I spoke to a few people and also found out that Jason Schreier had said it wasn’t with EA, and we’ll never guess who the studio is making this game.”Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier previously spoke about a potential KOTOR project, both on Reset will and Twitter, and his words echo Bespin Bulletin’s comments.

In addition, Nate Najda from studio Wushu also took to Reset will in response to that, say, “It’s not as mysterious as you might think. It’s just not a household name that most people are aware of.”

There have been previous rumors of a remake of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic in preparation at EA, and that it would take elements from the first KOTOR and Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords and re-equip both stories to fit them into the current canon. It’s unclear if this is the discussed project that has since been pulled from the EA or if this is an entirely new story.

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Lucasfilm also said he was working on something related to Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, and a report following these comments mentions it could be a planned movie.

Either way, Star Wars and Lucasfilm are entering a new era of Star Wars games, as they recently announced. the formation of Lucasfilm Games, under which all future Star Wars games will be marked.

One of these future games is developed by Ubisoft Massive, and reports that EA’s exclusive deal with Star Wars games is coming to an end. however, the studio will still be working on Star Wars games in the future.Bespin Bulletin continued to discuss how he also heard that a bounty hunter game was also in development somewhere and that EA was working on another Star Wars project that might not be Battlefront 3.

“I don’t know if the bounty hunter game is with them or if it’s with Ubisoft,” Bespin Bulletin said. “But yeah, EA is working on stuff and there’s another unannounced [Star Wars] game at EA, which I have no idea what it is. I don’t think it’s Battlefront 3. ”

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