Friday, March 31, 2023

‘Stardew Valley’ Adds Couch Co-op in Biggest Update Ever

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That said, you don’t need to create a new backup file to enjoy all the update has to offer. There are new inhabitants to meet, additional items to collect, and a new quest to complete. However, the biggest change is a new sofa co-op mode that relies on Stardew Valley’s existing multiplayer functionality. It allows you and three other people to play on the same screen. You can start playing co-op by having Robin the Carpenter build a cabin on your farm. There is also an option that allows co-op play as soon as you start a new game.

Stardew Valley’s Content Update 1.5 is available for download today on PC. According to developer Eric “ConceredApe” Barone, it will hit consoles early next year, with release on mobile devices to be continued later – although there is no definitive timeline for the latter yet. And if you are new Stardew Valley, the game is currently 33 percent off on Steam in honor of today’s update.


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