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Strega is an analog drone synthesizer to create sound dreamscapes

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Make Noise mainly traffics in experimental Eurorack modules like Morphagene and Maths. But a few years ago he made a game for a more entry-level space with the 0-Coast, a compact modular synthesizer which mixed the two popular schools of synthesis – East Coast and Western coast (hence the name “no” coast). The company has extended this line with the 0-CTRL last year, a patchable sequencer and controller for modular systems. The latest entry in the affordable tabletop format is Strega (Italian for Witch), an intricate drone machine built in collaboration with Alessandro Cortini who is probably best known for his work with Nine Inch Nails, but also posted the incredible ‘Illusion of time‘with Daniel Avery last year.

The heart of the Strega is an analog oscillator paired with a gritty but musical delay. The delay is built around a “karaoke” delay (most likely PT2399) with three non-synchronized taps. This means that it’s not really an idea for rhythmic echoes, but rather to create a sense of space and thicken the sound. As this is only a single monophonic voice, it is essential to add some weight. To add more drama and a bit more bite, there’s also a wave-folding feature, as well as a looped wrap to create movement.


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