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Sugar Glider Adventure Away: The Survival Series Coming To Xbox In 2021

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  • Immerse yourself in nature and embark on the adventure of a sugar glider to save his family.
  • Fly over misty chasms, jump from tree to tree and climb to the top of the forest canopy.
  • Beware of dangerous creatures that roam these wild lands.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to explore nature as a little animal? We were wondering that too, so five years ago we decided to make an adventure game where you play as a little sugar glider. It’s been a while, but as we approach the game’s release, we’re excited to announce that Away: The Survival Series will arrive on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S thanks to backward compatibility in 2021!

Inspired by nature documentaries, A way takes you on the journey of a sugar glider in the wild to save his family. Fly over misty chasms, leap from tree to tree, and climb to the top of the forest canopy, all as a narrator describes your every move. That’s the beauty of playing as a sugar glider: you can explore your surroundings however you want!

Immerse yourself in nature

As you venture deeper into nature, your adventures will immerse you in beautiful environments, each with their own unique ecosystems. Whether you glide through the forest, explore an underground cave, or sneak through the swamp, you can interact with plants, insects, and animals of all shapes and sizes.

However, some animals are more dangerous than others. Sitting near the bottom of the food chain, you have to rely on the agility and stealth of the Sugar Glider to avoid becoming your predators’ next meal. In some cases, however, you will have no choice but to take on enemies head-on and put the combat skills of the Sugar Glider to the test. Whatever the situation, you will need to think on your feet when you encounter new creatures in the wild.

Away: The Survival Series

Play your own nature documentary

One of our priorities during development A way was to capture the feel of a ‘nature documentary’, and a big part of that was to create the right atmosphere through the music and sound design of the game. That’s why we partnered up with Mike Raznick, songwriter of the game. BBC documentaries ‘Life’ and ‘Planet Earth II’, to create an enchanting orchestral soundtrack for our playing. Recorded with a live 40-string orchestra, A wayThe musical score brings your adventures to life and immerses you in nature like never before.

Away: The Survival Series

Coming soon to Xbox

After 5 years of development, we are delighted to bring Away: The Survival Series to Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S thanks to backward compatibility. Releasing later this year, we can’t wait to put the game in your hands so you can live the life of a sugar glider from the comfort of your living room!

Until then you can rejoin A waythe newsletter of to get our exclusive natural soundscapes and be the first to know when we announce the game’s official release date. See you there!


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