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Take photos of the Earth from space with the Canon 5D Mark III camera

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The interactive demo allows you to take images from multiple locations, with each shot showing the location and elevation of the image. However, it uses pre-captured images, so you aren’t actually taking live or single photos. If live, CE-SAT-1 would circle the Earth at nearly 17,000 miles per hour, circling the globe in just over an hour and a half. However, the demo gives you an idea of ​​the capabilities and resolution of the satellite.

The experience is narrated by astronaut Marsha Ivins, who explains the purpose and design of the satellite. Microsatellites are much smaller and cheaper than regular satellites, and Canon hopes to build a billion dollar business around them by 2030. After launching the CE-SAT-1 in 2017, Canon attempted to release an update CE-SAT-1B last summer. However, it was lost when RocketLab’s Electron rocket failed shortly after launch.


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