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Talk: Amazon defends messaging app startup against violent content | Donald Trump News

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Amazon has suspended Talking after it was used by Trump supporters to stage the assault on the U.S. Capitol last week.

Amazon.com Inc. urged a judge not to order the company to restore web hosting service to Speak LLC, saying the conservative social media platform had failed to control violent content before and after the Capitol riot.

Amazon Web Services has suspended the Talk service after it was used by supporters of President Donald Trump to organize the storming of the U.S. Capitol last week. Parler filed a lawsuit, asking a federal judge in Seattle to order AWS to immediately restore its web hosting. Amazon opposed the decision on Tuesday night.

“Forcing AWS to host content that plans, encourages and incites violence would be unprecedented,” the company said in a court filing. AWS said it raised concerns with Speak in November about information on its platform threatening violence, and that after issuing a warning about the January 6 riot, AWS continued to see a ” problematic content ”. In response, AWS said Parler described steps that rely “almost exclusively on volunteers.”

Parler said in its antitrust complaint that removing the listing from its social network put the company’s life in danger. As an alternative to Twitter, he argues that AWS actions reduce competition on social media.

Parler’s web traffic had increased as Twitter and Facebook scrambled to reduce inflammatory content. Apple Inc. and Alphabet Inc.’s Google pulled Talking from their app stores over the weekend.

AWS said in Tuesday’s filing that it had suspended and not terminated Parler’s account, and explained that the companies’ agreement required Parler to ensure its content did not violate AWS policies – or the law. “Parler was the one who violated the agreement, hosting content advocating violence and not removing that content in a timely manner,” AWS said in the filing.

David J. Groesbeck, a Spokane, Washington-based attorney representing Parler, did not immediately comment. AWS is by far the largest cloud computing provider, and its on-demand software services are the backbone of many of the most popular Internet services. Talking has “no other options” for being on the web, he said in the lawsuit.

The case is Parler LLC v Amazon Web Services Inc., 21-cv-00031, US District Court, Western District of Washington.


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