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Tame nature in Crashlands with these tips and tricks

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good Hello The! I’m Sam, co-founder of Butterscotch Shenanigans, and today I’m excited to share some tips and tricks to jumpstart your adventures in our wacky craft RPG Crashlands.

In Crashlands, you play as Flux, an intergalactic trucker who finds himself stranded on a strange and dangerous planet called Woanope. It will take all of your wits (and both buttocks) to survive, gather your cargo and get out of the world before your employer cuts your pension, so make the most of your adventure by following these pro tips!

  1. Every quest counts: Quest givers often have special recipes for powerful items or sweet furniture. They are also still the source of boss encounters. If it looks like a quest giver is asking a lot of you, it’s probably because there’s some insane boss fight somewhere down the line, so brace yourself!
  2. Collect everything: Seriously! Crashlands is not like any other crafting game you’ve played – there’s no penalty for carrying thousands of items. If you walk past something, pick it up!
  3. Bombs and potions are your friends: Do them! Tons of them.
  4. Run the stations in parallel to boost your productivity: Like in the real world the things that you do Crashlands take time to build. Use this built-in downtime to check your other stations for useful things to craft, like bombs or potions, or expansions to your base.
  5. Specialize with your trinkets: You have four trinket slots in your costume. Trinkets are special items that increase your abilities in fantastic ways. Watch out for creature weaknesses (check out the compendium!) To equip yourself for optimal combat or improve your harvesting efficiency.
  6. Keep the signs handy: By always carrying placards with you, you can quickly tag parts of the map where you find a pocket of rare resources or rare and epic creatures.
  7. Choose the right animal for the job: Each pet gives you different damage types, different attack patterns, and different buffs. You can make your fight much smoother by discovering the strengths and weaknesses of the creatures you fight and bringing in a familiar that counteracts them!
  8. Collect and relaunch your equipment. Craft equipment on Woanope is subject to the fluctuating blasts of energy from the heart of the planet – so any given weapon or armor could be more powerful than another. In your costume UI you’ll find a little yellow recycling icon – it can be used to break down old or junk gear so you can grab some of the valuable components for another roll with a particularly juicy upgrade .


With these tips in hand, you will quickly gain mastery over nature, tame all manner of alien beasts, and get a taste of all the adventure that comes with it. Crashlands has to offer. Now get out there and thrive!

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Play as Flux Dabes, a galactic delivery truck driver whose last shipment is interrupted by a megalomaniac alien named “Hewgodooko” who tears his ship apart in search of useful technology. Crashlanded on Woanope, you must fight, tame, tinker, research, fight and venture on your way to domination of all things so that you and JuiceBox, your trusty companion / supervisor / robotic cargo pallet, can send a message to the Shipping Office and have these packages delivered!


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