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Tank for Trevor Lawrence Tracker: 2021 NFL Draft Order Update for Jets, Jaguars, Falcons and more teams

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The Tank for Trevor raffle is in full swing.

According to many, Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence is the most polite and NFL-ready quarterback the league has seen since Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck, leaving the teams at the front of the draft ready to do anything to get this. first choice. To that end, the 2020 NFL season produced minimal surprises as to who’s at the top, with the team that wins the No. 1 overall pick likely picking the young passer from the Tigers.

We have a new horse in mind, and it only took until Week 15: The Jacksonville Jaguars are now back in the top spot in the overall standings for the time being after the Jets inexplicably won, giving the Rams lost 23-20 at home. Sunday afternoon, pushing their record to 1-13. Based on the strength of the schedule, the Jags are now slipping into that No.1 spot overall despite New York’s record.

With only two games to go for both teams, could we see “any Sunday” play again, or will Jacksonville and New York hold steady as the season draws to a close?

Here’s the current top 10 order for the 2021 NFL Draft, and a little bit about each team in it:

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NFL 2021 interim order

The current top 10 picks for the 2021 NFL Draft are: courtesy of Tankathon (updated Sunday, December 20):

To choose Team Record SOS
1 Jacksonville Jaguars 1-13 0.554
2 New York Jets 1-13 0.593
3 Cincinnati Bengals 2-10-1 0.539
4 Carolina Panthers 4-10 0.532
5 Atlanta falcons 4-10 0.538
6 Miami Dolphins (via Houston) 4-10 0.548
seven Philadelphia Eagles 4-8-1 0.532
8 Dallas Cowboys 5-9 0.479
9 Chargers Los Angeles 5-9 0.480
ten Detroit Lions 5-9 .509

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# 1: Jacksonville Jaguars

Current QB: Gardner Minshew
Recording and remaining schedule: 1-13; vs Bears, at Colts

As predicted, the Jacksonville Jaguars are now leading Trevor Lawrence’s serve.

Jacksonville is running a 13-game losing streak after beating the Colts in Week 1 of the 2020 season, and just had to survive the Jets en route to the No.1 pick. New York made it tough, going from 0 to 13 until finally winning a game against the Rams in Week 15.

There’s really no question that the Jags are in charge of the top pick given their schedule for the rest of the season, but a win could take them out of first place and the Jets back.

# 2: New York Jets

Current QB: Sam darnold
Recording and remaining schedule: 1-13; vs. Browns, at Patriots

For the first time in a long time, the Jets are do not leaders of the Tank for Trevor draw, and their only victory comes in a massive upheaval over the now 9-5 Rams in Los Angeles.

While the No.1 pick isn’t set in stone yet, should the Jets end with the No.2, they’ll have a few decisions to make: Do they take a quarterback with the No.2 pick? Are they trading for more choices and building around Darnold? Are they holding on and drafting Penei Sewell out of Oregon? New York will have no shortage of options, and they will somehow know in the coming weeks which options they are free to pursue.

# 3: Cincinnati Bengals

Current QB: Ryan finley
Recording and remaining schedule: 2-10-1; against Steelers, at Texans, against Ravens

A promising rookie season for Joe Burrow came to an end after being hit low, destroying his ACL, MCL and causing further structural damage to his knee. Burrow will be fine, but the line is anything but.

Cincinnati can sit pretty at No. 3 knowing they’ll have options at everything but the quarterback. If the Bengals end the season with the third pick, then Oregon offensive lineman Penei Sewell could be there on hold, giving Burrow legitimate strength along the offensive line, at least dampening the chances of a devastating injury for the franchise passer in the years to come. come.

# 4: Carolina Panthers

Current QB: Teddy Bridgewater
Recording and remaining schedule: 4-10; in Washington, against Saints

The Panthers certainly showed a healthy dose of moxie and attitude thanks to new head coach Matt Rhule. But where they go at QB in 2021, no one thinks.

At 4-10, the Panthers are potentially out of reach for the top two quarterbacks – Lawrence and Justin Fields of Ohio State – and some believe Bridgewater could be the guy who enters 2021 if the Panthers don’t rush to pick. a QB this next offseason.

As with any team in the top five, they’ll have options, and they’re more blurry than most.

# 5: Atlanta Falcons

Current QB: Matt ryan
Recording and remaining schedule: 4-10; at Chiefs, at Buccaneers

Matt Ryan’s era in Atlanta feels like it’s ending? Doesn’t it look like it’s ending? Who knows?

Have you got seen his contract, however? It’s ludicrous – and it could keep him in ATL longer than expected.

Still, the Falcons will have to look to the future at some point. Ryan, 35, isn’t getting much younger. Atlanta will be looking for a new head coach in the new year, if Raheem Morris is not hired for the job. It’s an engaging job, no doubt, but how attractive it is depends on what the Falcons’ front office thinks about his QB situation heading into next season.

Top 50 players in the 2021 draft class

The rest

– Number 6: the Miami dolphins turned to Tua Tagovailoa, the No.5 pick in the 2020 overall standings, and he was very good as a starter for the ‘Phins. There will be offensive playmakers available for Miami, either that pick or the second of their first players in 2021.

– N ° 7: Could Carson Wentz have made his last pass for the Philadelphia Eagles? It certainly sounds – and looks – that way, with Jalen Hurts now given the keys to boot and performing as it is.

– N ° 8: the Dallas Cowboys have a conundrum in their hands in 2021 – Are they giving Dak Prescott what he wants or are they trying to find his replacement? It’s not as easy as you might think.

– N ° 9: Justin Herbert asserts his rights as the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year for the Chargers Los Angeles, barring something miraculous, expect Herbert to be the West Coast guy for the foreseeable future.

– N ° 10: the Detroit Lions doesn’t seem long for Matthew Stafford after ditching general manager Bob Quinn and head coach Matt Patricia earlier in the year, but can he be moved? It’s hard to know what Motor City will do during the offseason.


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