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Taylor Heinicke’s incredible game prompts Washington fans to slam Dwayne Haskins

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Taylor Heinicke did not get a photo or rating on her 247Sports Recruitment Profile when he attended Collins Hill High School. Dwayne Haskins received a grinning photo in a white Nike t-shirt, a consensus four-star rating, and scholarship offers such as Ohio State, Alabama and Florida.

Heinicke was an anonymous college player at Old Dominion. Haskins was one of the most scrutinized quarterbacks in the country during his time with the Buckeyes.

So it was Haskins who seemed to have locked the future of the Washington football team when he was selected 15th overall in the 2019 NFL Draft. Heinicke was not selected and found his way to Washington. last month after being released by four other teams.

But Saturday night, with Washington makes his first playoff appearance since 2015, Haskins watched the unemployed at home as Heinicke wowed fans with his composure and ability to scramble in a closer-than-expected 31-23 loss to the favorite Buccaneers. He looked like Russell Wilson on an 8-yard touchdown run in the third quarter, going through the defensive linemen to the end zone. The NFL’s Next Gen statistics service reported a top speed of 19.29 mph on this run – faster than anyone in the game at this point.

Heinicke’s performance as an undrafted substitute on a big stage – he threw 306 yards and featured a pair of touchdowns – offered a stark contrast to Haskins.

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Haskins was released earlier in the season due to poor conduct around the team and lack of development under center. He will enter the 2021 offseason without a home.

Fans used Saturday’s contest as an excuse to hit him.


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