Thursday, August 18, 2022

Tencent acquires majority stake in developer Don’t Starve Klei Entertainment

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Tencent acquired a controlling stake in Klei Entertainment, the studio behind games such as Don’t starve

and Mark of the Ninja. Klei Entertainment founder Jamie Cheng visited studio forums to deliver the news and to assure his fans that “as part of this deal, Klei retains full creative and operating autonomy in all aspects of the studio, including projects, talent, etc.”As for what will change, Cheng mentions that while there are “annoying accounting changes” that will need to be adjusted, he will continue to run the studio as before, without “any changes in staff, projects or other operations. . “

Cheng continued to discuss why this decision was made and, among other things, how it will help Klei Entertainment continue to do what it does best – “creating unique experiences that no one else does.” can”.

“Klei has been around for 15 years and we’ve made a lot of changes over the years in order to respond to a changing world,” Cheng wrote. “My wish has always been to allow people to do their best creative work, to learn and grow, not to have to worry about their finances and to be able to enjoy their life outside of the studio. This partnership helps us navigate a changing industry and helps us focus on what we do best: creating unique experiences that no one else can. “

Tencent, which has invested in other companies that have produced titles such as Path of Exile, League of Legends, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Clash of Clans, Fortnite, etc., helped Klei distribute its games in China in 2016. From Plus, Don’t Starve Together was the first game to launch on Tencent’s WeGame platform.

These past collaborations helped make the decision for Klei to authorize this acquisition, as Cheng believes it is the only company that “would let us maintain the level of control we demand.”

Klei Entertainment’s latest title Griftlands is currently out on PC in Early Access and is also slated for release on Nintendo Switch later this year.

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