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Terraria arrives on Stadia after weeks of uncertainty



After a tumultuous way out, indie darling Terraria is now available to play on Google Stadia. You can pick up the title of the 2011 sandbox for $ 10. Stadia release includes recent version of the game The end of the journey update, as well as every bit of developer Re-Logic content released between versions 1.3.1 and 1.3.5.

News that Terraria was making his way to Stadia for the first time in February when Re-Logic CEO Andrew Spinks taken to twitter to blame Google for allegedly suspending the studio’s YouTube, Gmail, Drive, and Play accounts. Terraria Stadia’s release was announced and canceled the same day, with Spinks saying his company would no longer support Google or one of its platforms.

A few weeks later, the studio released a development update in which he said that Stadia’s exit was back on the table. “Due to the hard work of the Stadia team – as well as our partners at 505 Games – we have decided to clear the upcoming launch. [of] Terraria on Google Stadia to continue, “Re-Logic said at the time. All of this brings us to today with the news that Stadia fans can finally play a port of an almost 10-year-old game. .




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