Friday, March 31, 2023

Tesla made half a million electric cars in 2020

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There is a chance that deliveries could officially cross the 500,000 mark, as noted by Tesla, these are the first numbers that could vary by 0.5% “or more”.

Tesla is still tiny compared to the big brands. GM sold 7.7 million cars in its 2019 fiscal year, while the luxury-focused BMW still managed to sell over 2.5 million. For now, at least, it remains niche compared to its more conventional rivals.

However, the company continues to grow rapidly and there is no doubt that Teslas is among the most common electric vehicles on the road. For the background, GM Had sold just over 14,000 Chevy Bolts to Americans in 2020 from the third quarter. Although this gap will likely narrow as Electric vehicles are becoming mainstream, Tesla is clearly one step ahead.

Whether or not Tesla can maintain its momentum in 2021 is another matter. This could be stimulated by the expected start of Cybertruck production at the end of this year, not to mention refreshments like the Model S ‘Plaid’. The firm added that Model Y numbers are expected to increase now that its Shanghai plant has started manufacturing the crossover. With the legendary $ 25,000 Tesla in years to come, it won’t be surprising that growth slows down as the business of the company matures – even if the expected resumption of the pandemic prompts more and more people to drive.


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