Friday, March 31, 2023

Tesla starts selling its cheapest Model Y yet

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You can now order a more affordable Model Y or a Model Seven instead of five from Tesla’s website. As Electrek notes, Tesla’s original lineup when it unveiled the vehicle in 2019 included a standard-range rear-drive version, but company chief Elon Musk ad a year later, any plan to make one was canceled because its “range would be too low”. It appears the company has gone back to its original plan, drastically lowering the Model Y’s starting price.

When you visit Tesla’s website, you’ll now be able to buy a standard-range rear-wheel-drive Model Y for at least $ 42,000 – or $ 40,500 if you’re in California – before potential savings and incentives. The only options in the past were the long-range twin-engine all-wheel drive and performance versions, and their prices start at $ 49,990. The standard rear-wheel drive range is of course much shorter at 244 miles, but it’s still longer than Tesla’s projected 230-mile range. Tesla expects deliveries of the vehicle to begin within two to five weeks, provided it is available in your area. It’s already available in the US, Canada, and Mexico, but it’s still not available for purchase in Asia and most of Tesla’s European markets.


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