Monday, August 8, 2022

Tesla’s Cybertruck on Track for Volume Production in 2022

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On Tesla’s quarterly earnings call, CEO Elon Musk announced its first annual profit and mentioned the company’s highly anticipated pickup. According to Musk, Tesla expects to make “a few deliveries of Cybertruck in 2021, but volume production is scheduled for next year.

From what we’ll see, Tesla hasn’t released any visual updates to its docs, but the redesigned interiors of the S / X 2021 feature a steering yoke just like the original Cybertruck prototypes, which looks likely to make the production model. Musk says the design is done and Tesla isn’t iterating it anymore, so we should probably take a look at the final version soon. Prices for single-engine versions of the truck are still set starting at $ 39,900, and the really optimistic can deposit $ 100 for a pre-order now


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