Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Tesla’s latest update turns your EV into a boombox

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Your Tesla could soon be spreading your musical tastes around the world – if you at least have the right car. Electrek Notes that Tesla released its promised holiday update, and the centerpiece seems to be a Boombox mode that pumps media out as long as you have a fairly new EV with a pedestrian speaker system, like the later production runs of Model 3. You probably won’t use it for parties during the pandemic and should check local laws, but it’s more effective (not to say safer) than increasing the normal volume and leave a window open.

Elon musk added that you can customize the horn sound on these newer cars to something beyond the usual horn. Other updates include a smarter scheduled departure that preconditions the battery and cabin without plugging in, larger driving visualizations (useful for autopilot) and at-a-glance views of how many pits are open to Superchargers.


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