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Tesla’s Model S and Model X get a new interior

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It’s been a chaotic couple of days for Gamestop, Reddit (well, WallStreetBets subreddit) and Robinhood. Respectively, a recently struggling game retailer, a forum for small investors and an app for casual traders. It all started when r / WallStreetbets channeled its efforts into Gamestop, raising its stock price, which many considered undervalued, and in so doing, hurting hedge funds that had bet on the value of Gamestop’s stock in the process. drop again.

In early January, GameStop was trading around $ 18. As stated and well explained here, by the end of yesterday, it had reached $ 364.15. There were a lot of twists and turns (we dedicated to this week’s podcast to him), but Robinhood had to temporarily halt trading on his platform, only to promise more recently that he reactivate Gamestop trading on Friday after raising $ 1 billion. It was after being hit by a class action on trade restrictions.

It’s already gone as far as Congress. The Senate Banking Committee will hold an audience “On the current state of the stock market.”

– Mat Smith

Apple’s CEO didn’t mention the company name, but he didn’t need it.

In a high-profile keynote speech at the 2021 (online only) conference on computers, privacy and data protection, Apple CEO Tim Cook called for a more in-depth look at companies “founded on deceptive users ”and data exploitation. Given the role he played in enabling the spread of disinformation, it’s clear that Cook had Facebook in mind – he called these larger issues a “social dilemma.”

Cook’s comments came a day after Apple announced unprecedented quarterly revenue, fueled in large part by demand for the company’s new iPhone 12. Facebook also reported some pretty strong financial data, but the lingering tension between the companies was still visible – at one point during the usual post-earnings call, Mark Zuckerberg slammed Apple for overestimating its stances on data privacy. and how the underlying changes in iOS 14 could reduce ad revenue on Facebook. Facebook is said to be already planning a antitrust lawsuit against the iPhone maker. Continue reading.

Mi Air Charge promises to charge your phone from several feet away.

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Xiaomi’s “real” contactless wireless charging could power devices several meters away. It calls out Mi Air Charge technology, a 5W charging system that uses 144 antennas in the base station to send millimeter waves to your phone, which receives them on its own network of 14 antennas.

We have seen remote wireless charging equipment before, but it hasn’t hit the market yet. Xiaomi isn’t talking about release dates or compatible hardware, but showing off a demo and talking about the 17 patents it has is more than what we’ve seen from other phone makers. Continue reading.

This is a report that you will really want to read.

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Microsoft has released a free Minecraft card that brings the objectives of its latest sustainability to life ratio. ‘Sustainability City’ allows you to browse eco-friendly food production, visit an energy-efficient home and explore concepts ranging from alternative energy to flowing water, aimed at educating the youngest Minecraft users.

As for the report itself? Microsoft has said it is making progress, but there is clearly a long way to go before it achieves its goals. It’s slightly closer to become carbon negative after achieving 1 million metric tonnes of carbon removal for fiscal 2021. Continue reading.

What you need for Google’s cheapest 5G phone.

pixel 4a props

The $ 459 Pixel 4a 5G might share a name with the cheaper Pixel 4a, but it has a larger screen, a second wide-angle camera, and a 5G radio, making it more future-proof than its predecessor. . We browse the best cases and peripherals. Note: I love google first party cases, start your investigations there! Continue reading.

Facebook is said to be creating a newsletter tool for freelance writers

Facebook’s first supervisory board judgments overturn four moderation decisions

Tesla’s Cybertruck on Track for Volume Production in 2022

Tesla’s roadster delayed until 2022

Telegram makes it easy to import your WhatsApp chat history

GM plans to sell electric vehicles exclusively by 2035

‘Cyberpunk 2077’ update fixes groundbreaking bug from latest patch

Razer claims the Viper 8K is its most responsive mouse ever


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