Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Tesla’s refreshed Model S design may have been spotted on the road

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You’re here Models the design hasn’t really changed much since 2016, but it looks ready for an update (arguably late). According to at Electrek, Kilowatts have Point what appears to be a design refresh of the Model S wandering around Palo Alto. At first glance, this is a more aggressive styled car with a wider body with a more pronounced mudguard and wider hips. The automaker-operated car also appeared to have updated wheels, lights and rear diffuser.

It is not certain that there are internal changes. Tesla hopes to deliver its more powerful and longer Model S Plaid at the end of 2021, but the vehicle you see here isn’t necessarily a prototype of that car – it could be a fit that happens regardless of larger revisions below the surface. Tesla has a history of decoupling design and technological change (stand-alone equipment arrived about six months after the April 2016 update, for example).


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