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Test Day Two: Vodafone Test Series 2020: Highlights, Results, News, Video

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To quote the great Bill Lawry – it’s all happening at the MCG – but sadly it doesn’t go in the direction of Australia, with one catch lost and one DRS exam wasted in the first 15 minutes.

Tim Paine called for a catch on the first ball of the morning, believing Cheteshwar Pujara had edged Pat Cummins, only for referee Bruce Oxenford to dismiss the call.

Paine chose to use the DRS, and although there was a small spike on Snicko, it appeared to be a bat on a pad, rather than a bat on a ball, and Pujara was spared.

“I think it’s the right decision, I think the little tip came from the bottom of Pujara’s bat cutting his pad, not the ball hitting the bat,” Mike Hussey said of Fox Cricket.

“I think it’s a great decision.”

In the next whole, Josh Hazlewood found an inside edge of Shubman Gill, and Paine, diving to his left, couldn’t hang on.

The Australian captain wore his glove to the ball, but the luck was wasted.

“He got a good chunk of it, he seemed to hit right in the middle of that left glove,” Hussey said.

“These are often the hardest for the keeper to take, a big deflection but he had a good part of it, but he couldn’t hang on.”


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