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The best Gmail settings you may not have used yet

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Gmail is one most powerful and popular messaging services available, and there’s a reason for that. However, many of its best features are buried in the app’s dense settings pages. You would be forgiven for missing out on some of the many powerful tools that lie just below the surface. We’ve got some of the best here to save you time and get you back on the job you need to do.

Change the time limit for canceling the shipment

By default, Gmail will wait five seconds after pressing send to actually send your email. This gives you a moment to realize that you forgot to add an attachment and recall the email. However, five seconds is not a long time to catch a mistake. To make this window last a little longer, head to Settings> See all settings> Cancel send, where you can increase this delay up to 30 seconds. It’s still not very long (something longer than that and you might want to schedule emails instead), but every second helps.

Confirm actions on mobile

When checking or replying to email on mobile, it may be easier to type in the wrong place and accidentally delete the wrong email, or send a reply before you’re ready. Fortunately, the app may ask for confirmation before certain actions. In the Gmail mobile app, go to Settings> General settings> Action confirmations and you will find settings to confirm before deleting, archiving or sending emails. Activate the ones you want, and from now on, Gmail will confirm that you are absolutely sure before sending that email.

Unread message icon

If you leave your Gmail tab open all day, there’s an easy way to know when you get a new email. Head toward Settings> See all settings> Advanced and activate “Unread message icon”. This will update the icon in your Gmail tab with a number, showing how many unread emails you have. If you receive a new email, it will be updated. This is extremely useful for staying up to date on all the emails you receive, without having to come back to Gmail so often.

Activate multiple stars

You’ve probably used Gmail’s stars to mark a particular email that you want to find later. But did you know that Gmail has more than one star? To activate them, go to Settings> See all settings> Stars. Here you can see an assortment of other stars and icons that you can add to your rotation. Drag the ones you want from “Not Used” to “In Use”. From now on, when you click on the star icon in Gmail, you will apply the normal star, but if you keep clicking on it, you will go through the other stars that you have added.

Send and archive with just one click

Most of the time when you send an email you are safely done with that conversation until you hear from the other person again. So if you want to reduce every email you send by an additional click, then there is an option for that. Head toward Settings> See all settings> General and activate “Send and archive”. With this option active, your default Send button will now send the email and archive the conversation at the same time.

Customize your keyboard shortcuts

Gmail shortcuts are one of the best time-saving tools you can use, but they don’t have to be left on the defaults. If you prefer to modify your shortcuts to be more convenient for your workflow, start with Settings> See all settings> Advanced and activate “Custom keyboard shortcuts.” You will need to click “Save Changes” to apply the change and reload Gmail. Once you’ve done that, go back to the Settings page and you’ll see a new sub-tab called “Keyboard Shortcuts”.


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