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The best weapon and clothing mods to find and use – Cyberpunk 2077 wiki guide

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Before we dive into the best weapon and Clothing mods to use, there are a few things you will need to consider before using them. To get started, we’ve compiled several tips to get you started:

  • This should go without saying, but make sure you don’t use your best low level mods. weapons and armor – mainly since they can’t be reused unless you have the required perk. As much as you want to use them, we’ve found that it’s best to just sit on them and wait until you have a decent weapon to use them.
  • One of the greatest tips we can provide is to always keep upgrading to your best weapons until they reach the legendary / iconic quality. This will give you the potential to almost double your weapons output damage. If you need a helping hand, we have a Manufacturing guide if you need to refresh your craft and upgrade skills.
  • If you’re looking to use Legendary mods early in the game, you’ll want to unlock the Waste Not Want Not crafting perk, as it will allow you to receive attached mods when taking down an item.


Crunch is arguably one of the most awesome mods available for your weapons, as it features a +5 damage increase, followed by +1 additional damage for each level of rarity.

Randomly sold among the various weapon vendors in Night City, players will even have the option of creating their own version of the mod if they have the requirements to craft the top tier mods – Epic and Legendary.

For those who prefer to craft their own, you can pick up the Crunch crafting specs from the 2nd Amendment store, located near V’s apartment in Little China.



If you’re struggling to afford some of the more expensive weapon mods, look no further than the Pacifier. This particular weapon mod has a + 6% crit chance which can also increase by + 2% for each rarity level. This means that the mod can reach a + 14% critical chance if you use a legendary variant.

You will find the Pacifier mod available for purchase in the Weapons Shop in Wellsprings, Heywood. If you’re looking to make the mod yourself, it can also be purchased from the same store for $ 2,500 worth of swirls.


Running out of Eddies, but looking to take full advantage of a mod that looks a bit like Dead Eye? Well look no further than the Bully Clothing mod, as it offers a + 30% increase in your critical damage.

While it might not be as powerful as some of the other mods on this list, this particular Legendary Clothing the mod remains an increasingly popular choice – and rightly so – as the legendary mod will be picked up completely for free during the I walk the line main job.

If you’re interested, you can find the Bully mod in a crate in Agent Netwatch’s office during main job.

Dead eye

Pairing well with the Predator mod, you will quickly learn that the Dead Eye mod is not cheap and will cost you over 90,000 Eddies.

Despite the high fees, the Dead Eye mod offers some of the best stats across the board and shouldn’t be overlooked if you’re looking to create a powerful damage-based build.

The Dead Eye mod will offer a + 15% crit chance, as well as a very impressive + 30% critical damage.You can purchase your own Dead Eye mod by visiting the Avante clothing store, which isn’t too far from the Ripperdoc that we can find in the Westbrook area. If the mod is not available, simply exit the store and travel back in 24 hours as this should completely restock the store, offering a new range of mods and Clothing.


Offering + 25% more damage against high threat enemies and moderate threat enemies, the Predator mod pairs perfectly with the Dead Eye mod.

If you’re interested, you can find the Predator mod in the same store as the Dead Eye mod, the Avante clothing store, which is in the Westbrook area. Much like the Dead Eye mod, the Predator mod doesn’t come cheap, as you can expect to pay over $ 80,000 for Eddies!


For those looking for a little more armor defense, the Armadillo mod is a great sartorial mod to consider. With an armor boost that varies based on your mod level, you can expect to receive a level boost ranging from 2 to 150. Additionally, you will also receive a + 20% bonus per rarity level of your mod.

Like you can imagine, when you use this mod at a high level and when combined with the legendary rarity level, you will receive rather insane armor increases.


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