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The last of us 2 safe combinations and codes

The last of us 2 safe combinations and codes


The Last of Us 2 is a grim world in which a dozen people all owned the same model of vault. They’re long gone, so go ahead and open each vault with this full list of safe locations and their security codes and combinations. These are divided by chapter and section. To avoid spoilers, some chapter and subsection names do not include full names. Includes all security codes for each Ellie Vault and Abby Vault with codes for Thrift Store, Big Win Vault and each Intermediate Vault.

Chapter 1: Jackson Security Codes

Grocery Store Security Code (Goodboy Combo) – The Patrol

The spore has infected part of the grocery store, check the back office. The allusion is “when my good boy was employee of the month”.

Sure Coded: 07-20-13.

Chapter 2: Seattle Day 1 Security Codes

Courthouse security code (whiteboard) – Downtown

Enter the courthouse and before going down the elevator to get to the garage, break the window to enter the locked room. the hint is to check the writing of the whiteboard.

Sure Coded: 86-07-22.

Bank Safe Code – Downtown

Enter the bank in the city center and find the code for the safe in the Heist Plans, an artifact that can be found in a bag on the floor in the deposit room. Access the safe at the back of the safe for goods.

Bank safe code: 60-23-06.

Gate West 2 Safe Code – Downtown

Locate West Door 2 below Madison Courthouse and 5th Courthouse, and go through the open door to find a safe with the note “use door code”, check your notes to find the code list and enter 04, 51.

Checkpoint door codes: 04, 51.

Thrift Store Vault Code (Staci Number) – Capitol Hill

In the tripwire area, discover the back room (s) of the thrift store. You will find a note on the cork board on the right wall. He says Staci’s number is the safe code. You can find the rest of the number on the bathroom wall to the left of the sink.

Sure Coded: 55-01-33.

Locker Room Safe Code (Soda Code) – Tunnels

In the offices, in the tunnels, go to the rest room (with small tables and vending machines). Get a soft drink from the vending machine. On the soda can you will find the code. You will have to guess the last 2 digits, but the game narrows down the options for you.

Cloakroom Coded: 15243.

Chapter 3: Seattle Day 1 Security Codes

Auto Repair Safety Code – Hillcrest

Walk through the tattoo parlor to get behind the business. Enter the auto repair shop. You will need to move the dumpster to access it.

Sure Coded: 30-82-65.

Apartment room safe code – Les Seraphites

The door is locked but you can access the utility room by going down the stairs (to the right) or by getting on the truck to enter through the window.

Sure Coded: 10-08-83.

Security code for the back room of the pharmacy – Seraphites

When swimming, look for the concrete garage / parking lot. Go up to the pharmacy and crawl through a hole in the wall, giving you access to the back room.

Sure Coded: 38-55-23.

Chapter 4: Seattle Day 3 Security Codes

Boat Safety Code – The Flooded City

You will need to manually open a door in the warehouse to continue driving your boat. Before you go, go upstairs where debris blocks your way – but you can move a wheeled pallet to the side to crawl to the end. Go through a window to find yourself next to the boat, in the caged area where the safe is located.

Sure Coded: 70-12-64.

Chapter 6 Security Codes

Big Win Lottery Security Code – On Foot

After leaving the warehouse with the suspended boat, check the trailer for a note explaining that the code is still the big win! Look for the lottery ticket on the cork board. Go to the building in front of the trailer to find and open the safe.

Safe Combo: 17-38-07.

Jasmine Bakery Safe Code – Hostile Territory

Enter the bakery and you will find a safe behind the cash register.

Sure Coded: 68-96-89.

Bragging About the Safety Code – The Coast

After killing the infected in the boat, go to the bridge. Enter the side with the huge hole and here is the safe.

Sure Coded: 90-77-01.

Chapter 7 Security Codes

Apartment Room Safe Code – The Shortcut

The building with the DnD game on the table has an in-room safe.

Sure Coded is 30-23-04.

Gym safe (WiFi password) – The descent

After leaving the initial pool, go through the doors in front of you and you will see a gym. In front of the gym (to the left of the stairs) is a cupboard with a safe. Tip: the safe code is the same as the WiFi code located in the weight room.

Sure Coded: 12-18-79.




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