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You’ve probably noticed it, but at Fortune, we make a lot of lists. We categorize companies by size, speed of growth, employee engagement, peer admiration, leadership, impact on society, future orientation, etc.

Today, as the year draws to a close, we unveil our list of lists – Fortune Blue Ribbon List, honoring companies that have made four or more appearances in our 10 most rigorous rankings.

This year, three companies won seven out of ten –Amazon, Adobe and Progressive. This is not an easy task. Congratulations to them. Five other companies were on six of the lists—Ali Baba, Alphabet, Bank of America, Facebook and Nvidia. There were 10 companies that made five appearances on the list and 35 that made four. You can find them all this morning here.

Not surprisingly, then, tech companies are the largest category, representing 14 of the 53 Blue Ribbon companies. There were ten financial companies and ten health care companies.

By the way, DoorDash and Airbnb had most of the IPO love last week, but software company was another stellar success. soar 174% on its first day of public trading. I guess this is the first in a long line of AI companies that you’ll see hit the market over the next decade. Interview of founder Tom Siebel with Ellen McGirt and me on our Leadership Next the podcast is worth listening to, here.

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