Friday, December 2, 2022

The Lost Vikings, Rock N ‘Roll Races and Blackthorne Return to Blizzard Arcade Collection

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Ever wanted to go back and play some of those very, very early Blizzard games like The Lost Vikings, Rock n ‘Roll Racing, or Blackthorne? Well, today you can, and on console too! The Blizzard Arcade Collection is available today on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC. The collection includes both original versions of classic titles and definitive editions which add some modifications and improvements. The Definitive Editions all come with game-specific perks, but custom key mapping and 10-second rollback are available on all titles.

The Lost Vikings is an ancient puzzle where you use three different Vikings and their unique skills to go through various areas and challenges. With Erik the Swift, Olaf the Stout, and Baelog the Fierce, players must use their brains to maneuver in a variety of situations. The Definitive Edition includes local three-player co-op, additional stages, and additional cutscenes.

Rock n ‘Roll Racing allows players to get metal on a wild racing track filled with dangers. The Definitive Edition lets up to four players compete in local multiplayer, allows 384 track variations, and includes new songs and voiceover clips. If you missed this one many years ago, this is a rocking ride.

Blackthorne is all about living out the commando shotgun fantasy in a harsh alien world. The definitive edition comes with a fog of war to find at each level.

The Blizzard Classic Collection is available today if you fancy checking out some of these foundational Blizzard titles. I’m not sure any of those titles hold up today, but I have to go back to playing Blackthorne out of historical curiosity. Looking back on those old games, Blizzard has come a long way in celebrating its 30th anniversary with this year’s BlizzCon.


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