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If you bought the latest iPhone last year, you might have struggled to unlock it on the go. Yes, like all iPhones since the iPhone X, there is Face ID, but when half of your face is covered with a mask, it doesn’t work. (And some of us might have wished Touch ID was back).

With Apple’s new iOS 14.5 developer beta, you can unlock your iPhone via Face ID even in a mask – as long as you own an Apple Watch and are wearing it at the time.. Just glance at your iPhone and you’ll get a haptic buzz on your wrist, letting you know that the unlock was successful.

With your Apple Watch unlocked and on your person, your iPhone will unlock via FaceID despite much lower facial recognition accuracy. You can also lock your phone from your Apple Watch. It’s a good shortcut, but requires a laptop that costs several hundred dollars.

For now, the feature is in beta – so you can try it out if you’re ready to sign up for testing – but the rest of us (if we’re already Apple Watch owners) can expect which it will soon appear on our iPhones.

– Mat Smith

Industry veteran Jade Raymond is leaving Google as he focuses on third-party games.


No, it’s not Stadia that’s stopping. Google is closing a door, however. It is closing studios in Montreal and Los Angeles, and industry veteran Jade Raymond, whom Google has hired to lead the game development division, is leaving the company. Raymond, who worked as Assassin’s Creed series manager while at Ubisoft, was involved with Stadia’s games studio for less than two years.

In November, Stadia’s games director Jack Buser said 400 games were in the works for the service. While not created in-house, exclusive Stadia titles are still in development at studios like Harmonix and Supermassive.

Phil Harrison, vice president and general manager of Stadia, wrote in a blog post that Google will continue to invest in the service, but that makes the future of the cloud gaming service a bit murkier.
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The automaker and Google have announced the start of a “strategic partnership”.

Ford-Google Partnership

Under the six-year partnership, Ford has designated Google as its preferred cloud provider, and from 2023 millions of Ford and Lincoln vehicles will be running Android (as we saw in Polestar 2) with apps. Google, such as as assistant and maps, integrated into the infotainment system. But don’t worry, iPhone owners, Ford will continue to support Apple CarPlay and Amazon Alexa features in the future.
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Groups are just the start.

Apple Watch bands

While the most obvious way to personalize your Apple Watch is by using funky bracelets, there are cases, stands, wireless chargers, and other accessories you can purchase that let you participate in all aspects. of Apple Watch ownership. We tested a bunch of Apple Watch accessories to see which ones are worth your money.
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The Go FlyEase is a sports shoe that you put on without using your hands.

Go FlyEase

Thanks to a bi-stable hinge and midsole tensioner, the shoe is strong enough to be worn for sporting or casual activities, but can walk on your foot hands-free.

Putting them on is just a matter of getting into the shoe, as the hinge and tensioner do all the work. To remove them, you use your other foot to hold the heel “crutch” and step out of the shoe. According to Nike, the Go FlyEase will retail for $ 120 when it goes on sale to “selected” members starting February 15.
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