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You’ve probably already taken charge of your holiday shopping and are already looking at a stack of confirmed delivery tracking numbers.

But if, for example, a friend of yours still needs late-breaking shopping information, or you just want to check out what’s out there, Engadget gift guides for 2020 are here to help.

The best laptops and tablets to give as gifts

Computer and phone accessories that make great gifts

The best gifts for the PC gamer of your life

The best tech toys for kids

The best smartwatches, fitness trackers and wearable accessories to give away

The best tech gifts to improve your home theater

Here are the audio gadgets to give away this season

Smart home gadgets and kitchen tech that make great gifts

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You will need a new installer for this version.

Zoom released update notes for a version of his video chat client that should be available later today. If you own one of Apple’s newer Macs, you’ll want to keep an eye out for this update as this update brings the first version with native support for Apple Silicon. There is no version number listed yet, but once it is available you will be able to get it with a new installer of the Zoom the download page.
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Previously it was due to happen this year.

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Elon musk tells twitter followers that the monthly payment plan should now arrive “early next year”. In theory, you could add autonomy (currently semi-autonomous) without a high initial cost in a few months.
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Frontier Communications had been charged with double deduction.

As Ars Technica Notes, the TV Viewer Protection Act that comes into effect on December 20 will prohibit ISPs and TV providers from charging rental fees for equipment that customers own themselves, whether they are modems or cable boxes. The law was originally scheduled to come into effect on June 20, but Congress let the FCC delay the measure on the grounds that the pandemic made the initial timeline impractical.
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