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Apple’s autonomous EV project has courted several automakers, with a barrage of reports pointing to Hyundai and Kia. The potential deal has gone from “close” to “suspended,” and now, early today, automakers would be no longer in talks with Apple. Last month, we heard that Hyundai would offer the electric vehicle platform for the car, dubbed Project Titan, while Apple would develop the hardware and software for the vehicle.

Is the deal done? Not definitely. All parties involved might want to keep progress and making deals out of the limelight, and Apple has apparently also spoken to as many as six Japanese automakers. It is not for lack of interest, it seems.

According to analyst Ming-chi Kuo, who has a good track record on Apple rumors, Apple still plans to use Hyundai’s platform for its first electric vehicle, with Kia making the vehicle in the United States around 2025 or later. .

Then again, maybe it’s another standalone Apple TV, and It will never happen.

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People who believe we are not real.

The next morning

If you’ve heard of simulation theory – the idea that our whole universe runs in some sort of extra-dimensional computer – there’s a good chance you’ve come across it through a high-level believer like than Elon Musk. But how would an average person accept it? As part of this year’s Sundance Online, Devindra Hardawar takes a look at A glitch in the matrix, Rodney Ascher’s latest documentary about unique obsessive personalities who believe deeply in theory. Continue reading.

He’s understandably nervous about his new CPU rival.

Intel has shared a legion of benchmarks claiming to show that 11th gen Core i7 laptop processors are faster than Apple’s M1 chip. They suggest that there are areas where Intel can claim victory, but there are also questions about Intel’s methods.

The results put Intel ahead of Apple in a test of Chrome browsing, Office 365 tasks, Adobe creative apps and AI. While gaming was kind of a washout, Intel pointed out that some games just aren’t available on Macs – which is correct. Continue reading.

Don’t expect a medium format sensor.

The next morning

OnePlus has developed a reputation for phone cameras that are mediocre at best, but that could turn the tide with the 9 Pro. YouTuber Dave2D has shared images of what appears to be a OnePlus 9 Pro with the Hasselblad branding clearly visible on its array of four rear cameras.

Don’t expect this to be a medium-format Hasselblad sensor inside – it just won’t happen. Images show, however, two large camera lenses (likely standard and ultra wide-angle) as well as two much smaller cameras for depth perception and macro shooting, depending on typical camera setups. smartphones. Hasselblad has a reputation for big-price, limited-edition cameras – could OnePlus do something similar? Continue reading.

Expect more from the internet than from the radio.

President Biden is resuscitating the weekly radio speech, but he hopes to keep it relevant with a simple strategy: ditch the radio. As The New York Times Explained, the White House has launched a series of “weekly conversations” that embraces the more informal style of podcasts. The first episode, a conversation with a worker made redundant during the pandemic, is available on YouTube and social media platforms, but likely won’t reach your local radio station. Continue reading.

Instagram and Twitter are also blocked.

The next morning

Myanmar military leaders are extending their internet restrictions in an effort to curb protests against their coup. According to BBC News, NetBlocks discovered that Myanmar had instituted a “near-total Internet shutdown” in the country as early as the morning of February 6. Connectivity was only 16% of normal levels. Continue reading.

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