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You might be delighted to hear about the OnePlus 9 when it launches later this month, but OnePlus phones rarely come as a surprise. The company has long suffered from a cat always sticking out of the bag, with phone specs, renderings, and nature photoshoot punctuate all the hype. This goes hand in hand with the often fragmented advertising strategy of the company. Take preparations for the launch of its mid-range North phone last year. You might remember OnePlus announced its plans for a more affordable phone and then announced what it would be called, so ad camera functionality. Even the color and the price were a month before OnePlus officially unveils the North in detail.


So, true to form, we knew OnePlus would announce a Hasselblad link for its cameras on its next flagship phone. We saw the leak, and here’s the official tease. Only OnePlus can decide whether its relentless barrage of public relations is a better approach than keeping a secret, but expect to hear a lot more about the OnePlus 9 as the company’s launch event on March 21 approaches. . I hope there will be something left to tell us.

– Mat Smith

The all-in-one workstation is only available “while supplies last”.

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If you were hoping to buy an iMac Pro for serious work, you better act quickly. Apple is cutting sales of its all-in-one workstation. However, supplies are now limited to the base 10-core Xeon configuration and orders appear to take at least three weeks.

Apple told Engadget that most business customers should be hosted by the top-of-the-line iMac 2020, which made SSDs standard and includes newer graphics and up to 128GB of RAM. And if you need more beastly specs, there’s always the Mac Pro. Will the iMac Pro be the next to benefit from Apple’s in-house silicone? Let’s see. Read on.

It could be a home browser that you actually want to use.

Microsoft has started testing a version of its Edge browser on the Xbox One and X / S Series. Participate in the Alpha Skip-Ahead Test Ring and you’ll have a web experience with improved compatibility and syncing with Edge. on multiple platforms. It’s still pretty buggy at this point – and you can’t use a mouse or keyboard with it yet. In theory, however, you might just be playing Google Stadia on your Xbox in the future. Read on.

The park will limit the number of visitors and require masks for visitors.

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Universal Studios Japan has announced that its Nintendo-themed park at Universal Studios in Osaka will finally open later this month. The number of visitors will be limited and the park will operate with strict hygiene measures for COVID-19, including a mandatory entry requirement for masks. Read on.

He plans to compete with the United States.

has a the Wall Street newspaper report, China used its annual party meeting to outline a five-year plan to advance technology that contributes to “national security and global development.” To achieve this, the country plans to increase its spending on basic research by 10.6% in 2021, with labs and educational programs aimed at boosting research in areas such as AI, biotechnology, semi- conductors and quantum computing. Read on.

He’s apparently trying to give Sputnik-V an advantage.

Just because there are no major elections right now doesn’t mean that it doesn’t stop the train of disinformation. U.S. State Department officials say Russia is waging a disinformation campaign to shake confidence in COVID-19 vaccines competing with Sputnik-V. A WSJ report names New Eastern Outlook, News Front, Oriental Review and Rebel inside, all of which cast unfounded doubts about vaccines like Pfizer’s, mistakenly calling mRNA delivery “radical experimental technology.” The four sites are “directly” linked to Russian agencies. Read on.

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