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The Morning After: Xbox 360 port ‘Goldeneye 007’ is now playable on PC

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If you need something to watch this weekend, this isn’t the last episode of WandaVision, take a virtual vacation with these Super Nintendo World tour videos. Although the park is not yet officially open, fans are already checking out the mounted and coffees and made videos of the experience for anyone who can’t get in.

If that’s not enough for your nostalgia, there is another old but new treat for Nintendo fans. A port of Goldeneye 007 for Xbox 360 never saw the light of day due to licensing issues, but a leaked ROM means you can now play it on PC or just watch a video of someone else playing.

– Richard Lawler

The expensive initial device could be shipped next year.

Apple ARKit 2

According to a source with “direct knowledge” of the device, Information reports that Apple’s mixed reality headset will contain more than a dozen cameras to track movement and show real-world video to the person wearing it. It apparently also features dual 8K displays, giving it an effective resolution that would far surpass anything on the market today.
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So update ASAP.

Are you reading this on a computer with Google’s Chrome browser installed? Take a break and make sure you are updated to the latest version (88.0.4324.150). Without divulging any details, Google has pushed this update to fix a single flaw reported last month by a security researcher. It is essential that you get the fix as soon as possible, as reports indicate that attackers are already taking advantage of it.

We should know more later; however, depending on the schedule mentioned in the ad, ZDNet Guess it could be related to an exploit used by North Korean hackers to target security researchers.
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The Lego Ideas program is responsible for this.

Concept Lego Sonic Mania

The design of the Green Hill area by a 24-year-old Sonic fan, based on the excellent Sonic Mania rendition of the level, has won over 10,000 community votes that a design needs before Lego considers it. make it official. Lego hasn’t said when the set will go on sale, but has mentioned that it will be available worldwide once it’s ready.
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iOS 14

Apple’s reliance on Face ID to unlock your iPhone has had an issue with the pandemic and wearing the associated mask in public areas. The next version of iOS has a shortcut for Apple Watch users that should help deal with the frustration, and now you can test it. The beta of iOS 14.5 is publicly available, so if you’re rocking multiple Apple devices on your person and need to be among the people, it’s worth a look. Of course, the usual caveats about beta software and potential incompatibilities / instability apply. Continue reading.

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