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The only Cortana speaker is about to not have Cortana

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Harman Kardon Invoke was the first speaker to use Microsoft’s Cortana speakerphone, and as it turned out later, also the last. In 2020, Microsoft said it would support for end consumers for Cortana on iOS, Android and Invoke in early 2021 and use the AI ​​assistant exclusively for business apps like Microsoft 365. That day has come, as Harman Kardon announced that it will soon release a software update that disables Cortana and turns the Invoke into a classic Bluetooth speaker, Thurott reported.

The update will arrive tomorrow, so in a FaqHarman Kardon advised owners to leave the speaker “connected to the Internet and kept online overnight between 2 a.m. and 5 a.m. local time.” The update will end after June 30, 2021, but the Owned by Samsung The company noted that “Cortana service … will end in the coming months whether or not you receive the update.”

The Invoke was a very well smart speaker when it arrived in 2017, with great sound quality and great device compatibility, although Cortana’s lack of skill was a weak spot. Harmon Karman noted that he had no choice in the matter because it was Microsoft’s decision to end support. When the software giant first announced that he would remove Cortana from Invoke, however, he offered buyers a $ 50 gift card as an olive branch. Microsoft will soon end Cortana support from itself Surface Helmet, too much.


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