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The two main underrated CEOs

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Fortune The list of the world’s most admired companies was released this morning, and the top three in the rankings won’t surprise you: Apple (14e consecutive year to # 1), Amazon and Microsoft. Some of the others in the top 50 are less expected. You can find the full list Here.

But here is a result which may surprise. We asked the 3,800 business executives, directors and analysts who are leading the survey: Which CEOs do you think deserve more attention than they get. Satya Nadella has won this “most underrated” competition for the fifth consecutive year.

But second place went to Mary Barra, who led GM through the first days of the pandemic and then successfully returned to profitability. It should be noted that the poll was completed before its surprising announcement last Thursday, that it shared with members of Fortune CEO initiative, that GM has set an “ambitious target” of eliminating all tailpipe emissions by 2035. GM may not excite investors as much as Tesla – which now has ten times GM’s market capitalization, although it has only sold a fifth of the number of cars in the last year. But GM’s low-key CEO is getting good reviews.

Because we are a journalistic organization, we also surveyed the “most overrated” CEO. Top of the list? Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg.

And if you haven’t woken up this morning yet, read David Morris and Robert Hackett’s deep dive in the disturbing SolarWinds hack, and what business and government will need to do about it. Scary.

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