Wednesday, February 21, 2024

The vocal synth with teeth is equally hilarious and horrible

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No, 2020 is not over with deeply disconcerting technology just now. The artist Love Hulten built VOC-25, a voice synthesizer where each of the keys is represented by a set of plastic teeth. Yes, it’s as weird in action as it looks. Play a song and you will see the teeth chatter as they form a digital chorus. It is inspired by the inventor Simone Giertz quest make an instrument with teeth, but somehow manages to be more disturbing.

It is truly a functional device. You load audio samples into the console via USB, while an Axoloti card translates MIDI input to DC currents via control cards inside the “monitor” of the PC-like device. Custom boards help direct your weird chorus. It’s a fully self-contained machine that can use built-in speakers to play your output, although you can use a mono output to avoid unwanted noise.


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