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These Batman Forever characters are definitely better than the movie

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Like a kid Batman forever It was one of the first times I had to face a hard truth: the things I love can be bad too. Deep down I knew the movie was horrible (funny, but horrible), but still lied to myself suffering the worst Sega Genesis Game, and I even got the Batmobile from the movie for Christmas (okay, that was really cool). However, these new Batman figures from Val Kilmer and Robin from Chris O’Donnell, courtesy of Sideshow Collectibles are so good they almost fool me into thinking. Batman forever is not that bad by association. Almost.

Congratulation to The nerdist to report them. The first is Batman, who is wearing the Sonar jumpsuit he put on towards the end of the movie. It stands 32cm tall, has 30 points of articulation and comes with 9 interchangeable hands. Of course, he also has some gadgets, including the Sonic Batarang and the Bat Claw Launcher. Batman even has his bat sonar targets that can be attached to the head.

Everyone’s favorite Boy Wonder is 30cm tall, has the same amount of articulation and has 6 interchangeable hands. Robin is lacking in the gadget department, but he’s got his costume nipples, which is the attention to detail that really matters for a Joel Schumacher-era Batman figure.

You can pre-order both right now, with Batman at $ 255 and Robin at $ 245. Don’t worry about making room for them anytime soon. The expected arrival for both is between April and June 2022. You can check out more photos and stats by visiting Sideshow’s website. You can also check out some other cool Sideshow characters that we featured previously, including those based on critical role, Insomniac Spider-Man‘Kojima Productions’ Ludens mascot, and Rogue Oneof Death Soldier. For a more personal perspective on the figurine collecting hobby, our very own Liana Ruppert wrote a wonderful article on what the hobby means to her.

[Source: The Nerdist]


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