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These gadgets are still available at Cyber ​​Monday prices




MSRP: $ 120 | Discount: 41% | Selling price with CODE CMSAVE20: $ 56

UVLyzer is the world’s first mobile UV-C disinfectant sticker. It has four UV-C LED lights to kill 99.99% of germs as well as bacteria in seconds, and it’s simple to use. Simply peel off the mount, stick it to the back of your phone, phone case, or any clean surface, and you’re ready to disinfect.

2. WonderCube Pro: all-in-one mobile keychain


MSRP: $ 70 | Discount: 42% | Selling price with CODE CMSAVE20: $ 32

Get rid of the tangled cables and clutter that come with several accessories via the WonderCube Pro. This all-in-one mobile keychain has eight smartphone essentials right at your fingertips, including a USB charger, micro-suction cup mount, micro-SD card reader with up to 64GB of memory, an LED torch and more.

3. TourBox: the ultimate controller for creators


MSRP: $ 169 | Discount: 23% | Selling price with CODE CMSAVE20: $ 104

TourBox ensures that your inspiration and creativity are never blocked by tedious operations, whether on Windows or macOS. This powerful controller is like an extension of your hand, helping you create, think, and control programs intuitively. Designed specifically for digital content creators, TourBox helps you easily navigate software such as Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator and Capture One with its button, wheel, thumbwheel and multiple buttons.

4. FITT360: Hands-free neck strap camera


MSRP: $ 599 | Discount: 21% | Selling price with CODE CMSAVE20: $ 376

The FITT360 is the world’s first portable 360 ​​° neck strap camera. It captures videos with three cameras and automatically stitch them together and record them together in a 360 ° format. This innovative camera comes with 64 GB of built-in internal memory, as well as an external memory card slot to add up to 128 GB of external storage. Combine that with 70 minutes of battery life on a single charge and you can capture unique, unobstructed images with this camera.

5. Nibble: DIY Educational Game Console for Ages 9 and Up


MSRP: $ 79 | Selling price with CODE CMSAVE20: $ 64

Nibble is an educational tool disguised in the form of a retro game console. It features a new and improved version of MAKERbuino which makes learning electronics and programming fun for beginners. This educational tool is a snap to assemble, thanks to the included building guide, and it comes preloaded with four retro games (Bonk, Invaderz, Snake, and SpaceRocks). The device extends the fun by allowing you to program your own games since its software is fully open-source and easily downloadable. In other words, it’s a great DIY gift for anyone looking to become a video game developer.

6. TimeFlip2 Interactive Time Tracker


MSRP: $ 99 | Discount: 32% | Selling price with CODE CMSAVE20: $ 54

Manage your time more efficiently with TimeFlip2. This interactive time tracking, which is based on the Pomodoro technique, divides the work into sprints for maximum efficiency and works with a mobile app that lets you assign relevant tasks. Use the mobile app to view, process and edit collected time data to optimize your working hours.

seven. Ripple 24/7 portable personal security device


MSRP: $ 44 | Discount: 31% | Selling price with CODE CMSAVE20: $ 25

The Ripple 24/7 Portable Personal Security Device is a tool that triggers a human surveillance team to get you help when you need it with just the push of a button. The device uses Bluetooth to connect to a user’s smartphone and will instantly alert a professional surveillance team that you need help. Ripple, which has a 4.2 / 5 star rating on Amazon, is a convenient way to get that extra peace of mind and an extra layer of security for those in your life who might need it, whatever it is. It’s an elderly parent, college, or whatever.

Prices subject to change.

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