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This $ 40 smartwatch is a great gift

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Equally valuable, this device offers convenience and style. You can wear it anywhere, anytime, thanks to its sweat-wicking and waterproof design. This means that it follows you when you sweat in the gym or during a run, as well as to cool off in the shower. Moreover, you can also control phone calls and music and receive all your notifications from its stylish 1.3 inch display, as the smartwatch pairs perfectly with your smartphone. On top of all this, it is easy to match this accessory to your personal style as the device is available in black, white, pink, blue, gray and red.

Smartwatches are a popular gift to give and receive these days; Still, buying one for a family member or friend doesn’t have to cost you hundreds of dollars. the Smart Fit Multifunctional Wellness and Fitness Watch, usually $ 149, is on sale for $ 40 or 73% off for a limited time only.

Prices subject to change.

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