Friday, March 31, 2023

This gesture detection strip could make the Apple Watch more accessible

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When Wearable Devices, the start-up behind the Mudra Band, first launched the device to Indiegogo backers, it did so by playing on the fact that it could let you use the Apple. Watch without touching it with your hand other than that of the watch. But the company told Engadget that it is also working on accessibility use cases. In one case, they built a proof of concept that allows ALS patients to type quickly using a virtual keyboard. In another example, the company used the laptop to give an IDF veteran whose injury left him with a heavily clenched fist the chance to learn to play the piano.

Wearable Devices works with universities in the United States, Israel, and Japan to develop these use cases. In the meantime, the Mudra Band is available for pre-order today for $ 179 ahead of its March release.


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