Monday, June 5, 2023

TikTok forms EU security advisory board following scrutiny by regulators

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TikTok has set up a Security Advisory Council for Europe that will shape its content moderation policies amid a build-up of complaints and surveys against the application on the continent. Creation of nine-member group, which includes anti-bullying and mental health experts, follows U.S. Content Advisory Council the Chinese platform was created last March.

TikTok’s European delegates include academics and members of nonprofits specializing in addressing child abuse, drug addiction, violent extremism, discrimination and cyberbullying. He says the council will help him develop “forward-looking policies” that address current and emerging challenges facing his thriving community. While the above issues are not strictly limited to the video sharing platform and affect all social media equally, TikTok is in the face of increased scrutiny in Europe over security and privacy concerns related to the well-being of its younger user base.

EU watchdogs had already launched a plethora of probes investigating its data-sharing practices before the app was the subject of a massive consumer complaint last month. In it, a group of consumer watchdogs alleged it was breaking GDPR laws by accumulating personal information, hiding its policies behind vague terms and conditions, and blurring the line between advertising and content generated by the users.

At the time, TikTok said it was ready to meet with consumer organizations (a collective known as BEUC) to discuss their concerns. Despite a few of his chess, its latest initiative also aims to engage with regulators as it seeks to further promote its user security Strategies.


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