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Tim Paine points to third referee Paul Wilson after DRS controversy

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Australian test captain Tim Paine took aim at third referee Paul Wilson after being stunned by a DRS exam which cost him his second wicket of innings.

Paine was left in disbelief after receiving his marching orders following an Indian examination where he was found to have been caught behind Ravindra Jadeja.

Paine was forced to walk despite the hot spot showing no marks on the stick and cameras appearing to show a gap between the ball and the stick, with snicko the only evidence to go against him.

The dismissal came at a pivotal moment in Australia’s second round, and Paine was puzzled by what he saw as a lack of consistency in the third referee’s decision-making process throughout the test.

“[It was] extremely frustrating, no doubt about it, ”Paine said after India tied the series with an eight-wicket win in the second test.

“[It was a] Crucial part of the game, I felt like I was playing pretty well at the start of this series and felt like I could partner up with Greeny and add 50, 100, 120 more races together and then the whole game changes. Getting him to end up like that was extremely disappointing. But yes, it is.

“I thought we had a pretty similar example in the first innings with Pujara on the first ball of the second day, which sets a precedent, and then it seemed to change.”

Paine remained adamant that he hadn’t kicked the ball and admitted that discussions with match officials after the incident had done little to convince him of the decision.

“I spoke to them. It was not very productive,” he said.

“My concern yesterday was not with the technology. It was with the precedent that was set in the opening rounds with Pujara and the fact that I think the decision was made too quickly.

“He didn’t watch enough reruns to see full evidence that there was probably a gap between the bat and the ball. The line itself had started before it passed my bat, and then it’s out. again completed.

“It was just a lot of things that didn’t get married for me. I saw pictures of it. All kinds of stuff. I don’t think he took the time to look at the evidence. I thought the technology she herself AGREED. “

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