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Tim Tszyu vs Dennis Hogan, Irish fighter denounces postponement requests

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When news broke of the possible postponement of the Tim Tszyu vs Dennis Hogan fight in Newcastle on March 31, reports suggest Hogan, the Irishman based in Australia, was suffering from a nose injury.

Yet when Wide World of Sports caught up Tim tszyu Iupstream of the ‘Steel City Showdown‘, the WBO’s No.1 super welterweight contender had another story to tell.

“I knew right away that he was making something up,” Tszyu said.

“He needs more time because his trainer was in quarantine. My promoter said, ‘If you’re not ready to fight today, we’ll find someone else,’ he said. he immediately replied “no, everything is fine”. “

Tszyu believes this was all a ruse, much to Hogan’s annoyance. When contacted by Wide World of Sports about Tszyu’s claims, the 36-year-old Irishman was not too happy that his credibility had been sacked.

“Our integrity at DDP (sports management) and me as a fighter is worth more than lying. If I wanted to do something, I would,” Hogan said.

“I’m not a bitter or resentful person, but I’m actually a bit resentful to be honest. Honesty is a big thing for me so I don’t appreciate it.

According to Hogan, Tszyu’s camp has no idea their arrangements with their coach, former Irish world champion Wayne McCullough, based in the United States.

“All I know is we talked to them to see if we could put it back four weeks,” he continued. “My coach couldn’t survive. He can’t come to Australia. Even Australians can’t come back to the country at the moment. That’s not something I’m telling you.

“I don’t know if they say that now or if they really believe if someone comes to you with an injury.” I have the impression that they are going backwards because they did not give us a chance.

Hogan, a $ 5.20 underdog against Tszyu, said the injury occurred during a fight. He said he had had a nose x-ray and was deemed fit for confrontation. The Brisbane-based fighter said the injury had persisted for years, since he gained weight during his world title loss to WBC middleweight champion Jermell Charlo in 2019.

“After Charlo it all went wrong and I just got a doctor to straighten him out in the ring before I even left,” Hogan said.

“Everything was wrong and after a fight it was a bit painful. I felt like he was broken but in the last few years of boxing I didn’t think about it.

“And then in the next one it got worse, so I said, ‘Right, it’s time to take a look and see what’s going on.’

“We were warned to step back and let it heal and they didn’t give us time to let it heal. This is how we looked at it.

“I don’t know if they make up for the fact that they didn’t give us time to let him heal, I don’t know.

Hogan (28-3-1, 7KO) has been tested on the world stage and has faced all comers but has not fought since December 2019. The boxing world was in arms after being deprived of a title global in its controversial. majority decision loss against Jamie Munguia in April of the same year.

Hogan traveled to the home of the Mexican champion and was a huge underdog, but he left that night knowing he should have been crowned the best in the world. He said he had a chance to end the fight in the eleventh round but didn’t push hard enough, thinking he was on the judge’s scorecards.

“We definitely gave Munguia a tough fight,” Hogan said. “Especially in the eleventh round. I should have jumped on him.

“I could have gone wild for the finish, but at that point I thought I was that far away, I was driving it. When I looked for Wayne for a training camp, we worked on Really cool finishing techniques that I now have in my arsenal. Now I feel like I’m up for anything. “

Later that year, Hogan showed the courage to gain weight to face heavyweight middleweight Charlo in the United States, but he finished in the seventh round. Either way, Hogan put himself in awkward situations; something that he believes will serve him well against Tszyu.

The Australian pound-for-pound king has won all of his 17 fights, but hasn’t traveled overseas to test his talent on the world stage. This is why Hogan is baffled when asked about the bookies’ decision to classify him as a deep underdog; Perhaps a reflection of the fact that the last time he tasted victory was in December 2018 with a 12-round unanimous decision over Jamie Weetch.

“Someone like Tim has always dreamed of the comfort zone. All of the world championship fights I’ve done have been in the champion’s backyard,” Hogan said.

“They were saying to fight in Australia right now because of the state the world is in. I was in Vegas ready to fight former Unified Champion Julian Williams in the title eliminator before he got COVID and retired.

“I got calls from those who know about boxing in the US and they can’t believe how much everyone doubts me.

“I got texts from very important people in the boxing world, and they all say the same thing, Tim made a big mistake in taking this fight.

“The WBC ranked me above Tim. I’m tenth, he’s No.11, so go figure.”

Hogan says Tszyu hasn’t fought anyone of notoriety and is aware of all the glamor the 26-year-old has received. While other boxers have expressed their displeasure at the opportunities that have been presented to the son of boxing legend Kostya, Hogan is not playing this game.

“I don’t blame anyone, I’m happy to see people doing well and providing for their families,” he said.

“When I met Tim, I shook his hand and said ‘Well done for your career so far’, it was in 2018.

“He kept winning and he beat who’s in front of him and that’s great. But I really know and I think I’m a better fighter than him and I relish the opportunity to go and prove it.”

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